Good Hope Hospital

Cashpoint machine

WH Smith in the Treatment Centre.

Catering/refreshment facilities

Coffee Shop – Ground Floor, Maternity Unit, Fothergill Block: 9am-7pm. Coffee Shop – Ground Floor – Richard Salt Unit. Main Restaurant – Richard Salt Unit: Open weekdays 8am-2pm. Costa Coffee – Within W H Smith – Treatment Centre.

Other shops on site/nearby

W H Smith in Treatment Centre. Newsagents – Richard Salt Unit. Town centre – 10 minute walk

Laundry facilities


Religious and spiritual support

A member of the chaplaincy team is available every day. Contact 0121 424 7676. Daily Worship Times: Monday 12.30pm – Christian Fellowship. Friday 1.30pm – Juma Prayers (Muslim). Sunday 9.30am – Holy Communion.

Patient Advocacy Liaison Service (PALS)

PALS are available 9-5pm. An answer-phone facility is available outside of these times. Telephone – 0121 424 0808.

Interpreting services

Available Monday – Thursday 9-5pm and Friday 9-4.30pm. Please speak to a member of staff if you require an interpreter.

Access to a midwife

Postnatal Ward – 0121 424 7205. Delivery Suite – 0121 424 9201. Maternity Assessment Unit – 0121 424 7055.

Nearest car park

On site parking available.

Car parking charges

  • Up to 30 minutes: Free
  • Up to 2 hour: £3.10
  • Up to 4 hours: £5.10
  • Up to 6 hours: £7.20
  • Up to 24 hours: £10.20
Parents with babies on the unit can purchase a weekly pass for £10.20

Nearest bus stop

Rectory Road.

Nearest railway station

Sutton Coldfield Train Station.

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Welcome 24 hours a day.


Daily 2pm–7pm – a parent must be present.


Daily 10am–7pm – a parent must be present.

Family and friends

Weekends Only

Numbers of visitors

2 per cot.


Notices will be displayed if visiting restrictions are in place.

Hygiene and infection prevention

Hands must be washed and alcohol gel used on entering unit. Gloves and aprons are available. Outdoor coats not permitted on unit. Please check with staff before visiting if you are unwell, to reduce the risk of infection to all babies.

Neonatal unit facilities

Parent accommodation

Available for mums and babies prior to discharge.

Parent facilities

Parents Room – Hot drinks, TV, Information boards.

Mobile phone use

Please only use your phone in the family/parents room.

Telephone and computer access

Not available.

Breastfeeding facilities and support

A breast feeding room and breast pumps are available on the Unit. We have pumps to loan to mothers with a baby on the unit. These require a refundable £20 deposit. Jackie Scott and Ali White are the breastfeeding advisors, but all staff are trained to support you.

Facilities for siblings

Family/parents room with TV and toys.

Parent support group

BLISS Volunteers attend our unit on a weekly basis. Bliss Family Group every month at Holland House Children’s Centre. Little Stars is a fortnightly support group run by the Neonatal Community Outreach Team at Castle Vale Children’s Centre.

Bereavement support


Play specialists

Who's who on the unit?

Clinical Lead

Dr Anjum Gandhi.

Nurse Manager

Philomene Ashington – Ward Manager.

Breastfeeding advisor

Family Centred Care/Developmental Care Lead

Other important staff

Who's who on the unit?

How to access the Unit

The SCBU is found on the ground floor of the Fothergill Block. Press the buzzer to enter the Unit.

Who to talk to about your baby’s care

Please speak to the nurse caring for your baby.

Who to talk to if you have any concerns

Your baby’s nurse. Please ask your nurse if you would like to speak to the Sister In Charge or a Doctor.

Talking to the medical team

The Medical team are available to discuss your baby on the ward round which takes place every day at approximately 9.30. Please speak to your nurse if you would like to speak to a doctor at any other time.

Ward round

Baby rest time

Not applicable.