Birmingham Women’s Hospital

Cashpoint machine

The Cashpoint machine is located by the WRVS Coffee shop on the ground floor close to the main reception/public toilets.

Catering/refreshment facilities

The restaurant is located on the lower ground floor. Monday-Friday: 7.30am -11.30am – (cooked breakfast served from 8.00am), 12.15pm – 2.30pm - Lunch, 3.00pm – 4.45pm - Snacks. Saturday & Sunday: Open from 7.30am – 2.30pm (cooked breakfast served from 8.00am – 11.30am, lunch served from 12.15pm -2.30pm). WRVS Shop: The WRVS (Women's Royal Voluntary Service) Coffee Shop is open on the ground floor from 8am-8pm daily. The shop sells hot drinks, sandwiches and snacks as well as newspapers, magazines, cards, flowers, some gifts and toiletries.

Other shops on site/nearby

  • Boots Pharmacy – located on the ground floor selling toiletries, baby care items and medicines
  • A fruit and vegetable stall, Costa Coffee and WH Smith are located at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital just a few minutes’ walk from the Women’s Hospital
  • Harborne High Street is a 15 – 20 minute walk from the Women’s Hospital and a 5 minute drive

Laundry facilities

There are washing machines and tumble dryers located on the Ground Floor, Norton Court.

Religious and spiritual support

A team of chaplains are available, trained and experienced in pastoral, spiritual, religious care and counsel. The Chapel is located on the first floor, and has a prayer room and washing facilities.

Patient Advocacy Liaison Service (PALS)

The PALS office is open five days a week. Opening Times:

  • Monday/Tuesday: 8.00am - 4.00pm
  • Wednesday/Thursday: 8.00am - 5.00pm
  • Friday: 8.00am - 4.30pm

Interpreting services

There are four link workers who provide interpreting services and we also use a bank of staff interpreters. Further services include BILCS (Birmingham Integrated Language & Communication Services) and Language Line phones.

Access to a midwife

Please speak to staff if you need to see a midwife.

Nearest car park

Car parks are clearly marked. The closest car park is outside the main hospital entrance and on the old QE Hospital Drive - Car Park D.

Car parking charges

Disabled Parking for Blue Badge Holders is free and there are parking bays located outside the main entrance of the Women’s Hospital, in car Park D and located on the Old QE Hospital Drive.

  • Up to 1hr: £2.70
  • 3 hours: £4.10
  • 4 hours: £4.80
  • 5 hours: £5.50
  • 6 hours: £6.10
  • 8 hours: £6.80
  • Over 8 hours: £13.60
  • Weekly Ticket: £19.10
Please speak to a member of the Q-Park staff at the Car Parking office if you have any queries. For parents of babies born very prematurely there are a small number of passes for the staff car park, priced at £5 per week. Please speak to the Neonatal Unit ward clerks for more information.

Nearest bus stop

There are bus stops located just a few minutes’ walk from Birmingham Women’s Hospital outside the Queen Elisabeth Hospital.

Nearest railway station

University Station is 10mins walk away (there is a dedicated walkway from the hospital site to the train station which is clearly marked.)

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Parents are welcome at anytime.


Baby’s brothers and sisters are welcome at any time.


7 days a week (to be accompanied by at least one parent). Between: 3-4pm and 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Family and friends

Weekends only (to be accompanied by at least one parent). Between: 3-4pm and 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Numbers of visitors

There must be no more than 3 people (parents and visitors) at the cot side at any time.


No other children under the age of 16 allowed to visit other than the baby’s siblings.

Hygiene and infection prevention

Please speak to staff before visiting if you are unwell. This is to reduce the risk of infection to all babies. Please place your outdoor clothing in the cloakroom and wash and gel your hands when you enter the Unit.

Neonatal unit facilities

Parent accommodation

There are 8 parents’ flats close to the unit (dependant on availability). These have basic kitchen facilities.

Parent facilities

There is a parents’ coffee lounge on the unit. Tea and coffee is provided free of charge. There is a microwave and a toaster for parents use and a TV/DVD player. Leaflets and information are freely available. The quiet room is available for private discussions. Please check with the staff if you would like to use this room at other times.

Mobile phone use

Please do not use mobile phones in the NICU, and place them on silent. You can use your mobile phone in the parents’ lounge or when you leave the NICU.

Telephone and computer access

Telephones are available in the main reception of the hospital. There are no parent facilities for using computers currently.

Breastfeeding facilities and support

The Women’s Hospital has UNICEF baby-friendly accreditation. Pam Cook is the breastfeeding advisor for the Neonatal Unit and Transitional Care, but all staff are trained to support you. There is a room for mothers to express their milk in but we encourage mothers to express their breast milk at their baby’s bedside and provide screens for privacy. Hospital-grade breast pumps are loaned free of charge to mothers in the local area. Please speak to Pam if you would like to hire or purchase a pump. Breast pumps are available in the parent accommodation.

Facilities for siblings

There are currently no specific facilities for siblings but we do have a small selection of toys and colouring books for children in the parent’s coffee lounge.

Parent support group

Bliss Family Group. First Wednesday of every month at St Thomas Children’s Centre.

Bereavement support


Play specialists

Who's who on the unit?

Clinical Lead

Dr Anju Singh

Nurse Manager

Amrat Mahal

Breastfeeding advisor

Family Centred Care/Developmental Care Lead

Other important staff

Who's who on the unit?

How to access the Unit

Follow the main hospital corridor, and follow the signs to the NICU. Press the buzzer to enter the unit.

Who to talk to about your baby’s care

The nurse caring for your baby.

Who to talk to if you have any concerns

Nurse in charge or the neonatal matron.

Talking to the medical team

Parents are welcome at the ward round where their baby’s care will be discussed and planned. At other times we can book an appointment for you with the consultant or ask a doctor to speak with you (please be patient if the NICU is very busy).

Ward round

There are 2 ward round teams.
Team 1 covers intensive care and high dependency
Team 2 covers special care
Ward rounds commence at 0900hrs. Further rounds happen throughout the day.

Baby rest time

1pm – 2pm.