Guidelines and Resources

Joint SWMN ODN/SSBCNMN Neonatal Guidelines 2017-2018

Joint SWMN ODN/SSBCNMN Obstetric Guidelines 2017-19 


SWMN ODN Additions to Joint Network Guidelines
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Physiotherapy Guidelines

Managing respiratory tract secretions (SV) 2018

ETT suction best practice (2018) 

Percussion leaflet 2018

Percussion (Chest Physiotherapy) competency document (Dec 2018)

Nutrition Guidelines

Buccal Colostrum

Guideline for buccal colostrum (Sept 2017)

Buccal Colostrum Parents Leaflets (2018)

Community Midwives colostrum poster Sept 2017)

Click here for a video demonstrating the practicalities and benefits of expressing colostrum.

Enteral Feeding

Nutrition and enteral feeding (July 2017)

Initiating and Advancing Enteral Feeds Algorithm (Feb2017)

Evaluation of Feeding Tolerance (Feb 2017)

Standardised CHO additions for newborns on NNU

Donor Breast Milk Leaflet 2018

Addition of HMF to volumes of EBM less than 50ml

Addition of EBM to standard 50ml volume of EBM


Oral Feeding

Progression from the tube to oral feeding (Nov 2018)

Breast Feeding Assessment Chart (2019)

Bottle Feeding Assessment Chart (2019)

Elevated Side Lying LEAFLET 2018

Elevated Side Lying POSTER (2019)

Non-Nutritive Sucking Leaflet (2019)

Feeding Journey LEAFLET (2019)

Feeding Journey POSTER (2019)

Feeding checklist and daily volumes 2017

SWMN ODNTube to breast 2017 update

Parenteral Nutrition

Standardised Network PN Guidelines(May 2017)